Take a look around your humble abode and you are sure to find a few items that your civilian friends don’t seem to have in every crook and cranny of their homes. A group of our talented Military Spouse contributors put their heads together and came up with a list of all those unique, interesting and sometimes down-right funny things you are sure to find in the home of someone serving our country.

Oh, we know that not everyone has every single item on this list… but chances are if you are a military family long enough, you will find most of these items lurking around. Which items would you add to our list?

35 Things You Are Sure to Find in Every Military Home

35. Tan socks and protein powder.

34. Bedroom furniture in the living room.

33. Black shoe wax and spray starch.

32. Customs forms and flat rate boxes.

31. A countdown poster, paper chain or calendar.

30. Boxes of clothing from a completely different climate– which you don’t dare get rid of because you don’t know where you’ll be stationed next!

29. An unlimited supply of Motrin!

28. Magnets and take out menus from places you no longer live!

27. 23 bottles of shampoo from the last case-lot sale.

26. Baggies full of dammits, pins, patches, ribbons and medals.

25. Canteens, and waterproof notebooks.

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