9. Your last duty station.

Odds are, you’re already living near a military installation now, which means there are likely government jobs and a civilian population that likes having veterans around.

“We’ve decided to settle in Fayetteville, N.C., (for now) as my husband was accepted into the Physicians Assistant Program at Methodist University,” said Ashlee Cleveland, whose husband left the Army after serving last at Fort Bragg, N.C. “It is nice to work with a school who appreciates veterans. That, and I love my job – so Fayetteville was an easy choice for us!

After Heather Sargent’s husband was medically retired from the Marine Corps, her family decided to stay in Carteret County, N.C. – between Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point – because they had so many good friend and connections there. “We didn’t move back to Connecticut because we wanted to make sure he was close to veteran support systems that would know what he was dealing with and there was no way we could afford to move back North on his disability pension,” she said.

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