2. Texas

Yes, we know it’s a state (and a darn big one, at that!) and not a city, but so many Texas cities make the “best places for veterans” lists that we thought we’d roll them all into one and save some space on our list for other places.

The best cities in Texas for veterans?

Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and San Angelo.

These cities make the top 10 of nearly every ‘best places for veterans’ list – and with good reason: Texas is home to several large military installations, so veterans have easy access to DoD healthcare, pharmacies and on-base shopping, as well as civilian jobs on the installation. Moreover, Texans tend to be on the patriotic side and they love them some veterans. The state has no income tax and enjoys a great sunbelt climate.

Navy spouse Loree Tillman’s husband is getting ready to retire and she says Houston is calling them home. “It’s where I’m from and my family is here,” she said. “I’ve seen reports that Houston is great for veterans and the job market.”

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