Male Spouse Perspective: Transitioning Out of the Military

Transitioning Out of the Military


Retirement: The World’s Longest Coffee Break!

I like to start out my article with a quote that pertains to the topic I am writing about. I looked and looked and I couldn’t find one that fits so I chose the phrase above. Why? Well, because I love coffee and this is about retirement education for spouses. WIN WIN!

A couple months ago, a male military spouse asked me if I would do an article when it came time for their spouse to transition out of the military and share the resources out there are for the spouse to help prepare them for this transition as well. “Sure!” I said, knowing that I have absolutely no experience when it comes to this topic.

We have quite a while before I need to start thinking about that let alone, preparing for when that day comes. Then I started to think “what resources ARE out there to help us as spouses when it comes to transitioning out of military life?” Did some spouses have a lot of support and guidance or was it a “well, good luck” type of send off?

Maybe there is someone out there that could actually benefit from the suggestions from those that have gone through the whole “experience.”

When I posted this question to the guys of Macho Spouse, I got some varying responses. One spouse said that when his wife retired he received little to no support, but was asked if he wanted the “spouse survival thing.” Spouse survival thing? I had to ask! Turns out that if his spouse was to pass, God Forbid, that her retirement benefits would end unless you “take and pray for survival benefits.”

If not then you need to have other investments or life insurance set up.