Your 2014 Branch Spouses of the Year!

We started out with nominations being submitted on behalf of thousands of military spouses just a month ago.  After two rounds of public voting and a careful review from our MSOY Panel and Advisory Board, the military spouse community has elected a representative from each of their branches. Of the 1.1 million spouses, these six have been chosen as the 2014 Armed Forces Insurance Branch Spouses of the Year!


Be sure to Vote on March 4th for the overall Military Spouse of the Year!


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Coast Guard Spouse of the Year


Danielle Medolla

Married to: Robert Medolla
SOY Location: USCG District 17, AK
Years as Milspouse: 10+
Deployments: 16
PCS Moves: 3



Marine Corps Spouse of the Year


Lakesha Cole

Married to: Deonte Cole
SOY Location: MCBC Smedley D. Butler
Years as Milspouse: 11+
Deployments: 5
PCS Moves: 5



National Guard Spouse of the Year


Ingrid Herrera-Yee

Married to: Ian Yee
SOY Location: Massachusetts
Years as Milspouse: 5+
Deployments: 2
PCS Moves: 3



Navy Spouse of the Year


Tammy Meyer

Married to: Gordie Meyer
SOY Location: NCBC Gulfport
Years as Milspouse: 7+
Deployments: 2
PCS Moves: 3



Air Force Spouse of the Year


Chris Pape

Married to: Dana Pape
SOY Location: JB San Antonio
Years as Milspouse: 10+
Deployments: 3
PCS Moves: 4



Army Spouse of the Year


Reda Hicks

Married to: Jake Hicks
SOY Location: Fort Riley
Years as Milspouse: 6+
Deployments: 2
PCS Moves: 4


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