Courage.  Period.

It’s not just in sports.


When I first met Stephanie Geraghty in 2012, it was in a hotel room.  She had her two little boys and called to let me know she had arrived.  I jumped in the elevator and couldn’t wait to meet her!  Stephanie was then, as she is now and forever will be, courageous. But not just in sports, in every facet of her life.  Every day.  Each morning, each trial, each run.  She is courageous.  Period. 

The day I met her, she had driven herself and her two boys to Washington DC to accept the award as the 2012 Marine Corps Spouse of the Year for the Military Spouse of the Year ® (MSOY) program.  Little did we know that later that winter, she’d have her baby girl, too.   Little did we all know how Stephanie would be a part of our lives for years to come. 

In late 2012, at 36 weeks pregnant, Stephanie made the trip back to DC under top secret instructions to participate in “Oprah’s Favorite Things”.  After much belly rubbing by The O and Gayle, she went home to host a viewing party for the show.  Only it wasn’t just a viewing party.  She wrangled her entire Stroller Warriors crew to hostess it at the USO with a “cover charge” of food for their Thanksgiving dinner for those in need.  She also did it again last night. 

Last night, she was honored on CBS’s “Courage in Sports.”  If you haven’t seen the video, I’d encourage you to take the five minutes out of your day to do so.  It isn’t just about what Stephanie has to say, it’s about those around her.  It’s about how she has changed the lives of anyone she’s touched.  How she makes a difference without really knowing it, or even really trying.  She’s subtle in her ways, and quiet in her delivery, but one of THE most powerful presences I’ve ever known. 


If you didn’t see her speech when she accepted the 2012 Marine SOY award, she was something.  We were all there—all six branch winners, with their spouses, our MSOY title sponsor, Armed Forces Insurance and Military Spouse magazine leadership, guests and Mrs. Bonnie Amos.  Mrs. Amos is the spouse of the Marine Corps Commandant.  And, she beamed with pride and love as Stephanie accepted her award AT the Home of the Marine Corps Commandants…8th and I.  But, I’m telling you…there is something very extra special about Stephanie.  I can’t place it, I can’t name it.  It’s just there. 

Stephanie is one of those people who sticks with you over time.  You meet her once, and you always think about her.  She is uniquely positive in a world of a negative, optimistic in a world where fate has dealt her a hand only SHE can play, and just plain happy.  You cannot—CANNOT—frown when she is around.  It’s impossible.  You could be having the worst day EVER and smile when you’re around her.  She’s just that magnetic.  In a not-at-all-weird-way, she reminds me of my father:  quietly magical and expecting zero praise or recognition for it.


So, to Stephanie:

We are lucky to know you.  The MSOY program is better FOR you in it, and you have inspired years of other military spouses…spouses you may never know. 

Thank you for bringing magic to our days, impact to our lives and happiness in our hearts.  We could not be prouder of you, what you’ve accomplished and all that you have done to make a difference.  I know that MY life is better because you are in it.  I can only imagine how others who get to see you every day, run with you every day, must feel the exact same way. 

Congratulations on your latest achievement!

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