It’s official. The military has worked its way in to every aspect of my mind and I will never be the same. Want to know how I know this? Ok, I will tell you.

We have moved from Hawaii back to the mainland. We are in our new lovely small town where Caleb will be a recruiter. We are about 2 hours from the closest base, four hours from my parents, six from his, and are working on settling in to our new day to day routine.

How did the move go, you ask?


No, I am serious. I managed to get the house packed out the day after Caleb’s web orders hit. We got the flight we wanted after repeatedly being told it was impossible – when Caleb told me he pulled it off, I asked if he showed some skin. The girls were great on both flights, which were smooth aside from a bit of turbulence that only bothered me. We got a great deal on a rental car and had an uneventful journey to my in laws house, where we had a wonderful visit.

We then got to our new town about five days before school started, looked at a handful of houses, fell in love with one, put in our application and were told that night that we got it. We signed the lease the day before school was supposed to start, but due to that polar vortex nonsense (talk about a change in climate!), Cailin got an extra two days off before she could start. I had almost all the paperwork I needed to enroll her the first day, and TriCare actually worked with me and I managed to get the only thing I needed in time for her to get in class that day, so she missed zero days of school. (Fun fact – her classroom was decorated in all the cheesy Hawaii stuff someone could hope to find. Her face was hysterical.)

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