Here’s the Time Hurricane Irma Is Probably Going to Hit Florida

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Florida is bracing for the landfall of Hurricane Irma, the devastating tropical storm slated to hit U.S. shores soon.

While the rains and winds are already beginning in South Florida, the main storm isn’t quite there yet.

As of 1:50 p.m. EST on Saturday, the National Weather Service is projecting that Irma will hit the Florida Keys close to 8 a.m. EST Sunday.

It will then head up Florida’s west coast and hit Fort Myers around 8 p.m EST Sunday.

Irma will continue up the coast and make contact with Tampa close to 2 a.m. EST Monday, according to ABC.

Irma’s path was updated on Saturday morning and is headed towards the West Coast of the state. Cities including Fort Myers, Tampa, Naples, Sarasota and St. Petersburg are all in the path of this new projection, with the in-land and eastern areas of Florida still at risk.

The island city of Key West is still slated to be hit the hardest and winds are already picking up in South Florida.

“This is a deadly storm and our state has never seen anything like it,” Florida Governor Rick Scott said. “Millions of Floridians will see major hurricane impacts with deadly storm surge and life-threatening winds.


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