Earn Points and Become a Military Spouse Community Leader:

We love the Military Spouse community and we want to recognize the spouses who spend time making the site a better place for everyone.

Site participation (liking articles, sharing information, reading articles, etc.) will now yield points! Points translate into medals and contribute to your position on the community leader list. But the fun doesn’t end there — we are tying these points and milestones to real world swag! From giftcards and subscriptions to cool devices and charitable donations, we’ll be working with the community and our sponsors to reward high spouse achievers who complete special challenges.

Getting involved is really easy:

You can track your points and rank on your profile page. Hint hint – make sure your profile is 100% complete. 🙂

We’ll add new challenges as we go along and keep you updated on prizes and rewards.

Thank you for making militaryspouse.com the largest and best online community for military spouses!

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