Dear Congress, They Kept Their Promise. Will You Keep Yours?

Tomorrow the Senate will vote on the bipartisan budget deal that has already passed the House. This budget contains a decrease in COLA for all veterans (yes, that includes disabled veterans, as well) under the age of 62. It is not only a huge financial hit to those men and women who have proudly served our nation, but it means that Congress is breaking its promise to honor the service of all veterans.  

We asked you to share pictures of the veterans in your life and the response was overwhelming. We heard the pain in your words as you shared multiple deployments, long hours, missed birthdays and holidays, and lives dedicated to serving this country.  

If Congress is willing to break their promise, we want them to see the faces of those veterans they are willing to break faith with.  Please watch and share this with everyone you know and let Congress know that tomorrow we will be watching how they vote.  Across party lines, our votes will reflect their dedication to our nation’s heroes come election day. 


For more information on this bill, click here: /articles/house-votes-124k-out-of-my-spouses-military-retirement/



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