“I kept getting pneumonia…it was the crazy VA weather. So when he came back home he decided he was moving us [his wife and kids] back to Houston.” –D’Antrese, MD

“We decided for him to do Germany alone because he’d be deploying and we had just come from Japan back stateside. We had three children under 5 and I needed to be with family vs. alone overseas again.” –La Queshia

“I moved ahead of him so that I could transfer my job and get away from a mentally draining boss.” – Ashley, MD

“I stayed in our home state because I had a great job with great pay…if I had given up a career I worked so hard to get then there would have been feelings of resentment.” –Alysa, NC


“It was hard as far a parenting two [kids]. It was easy as far as childcare … our families were able to help … the burden didn’t always fall on me” –Kristen, NC

Antoinette in NC says, “It was very hard. My kids hated when it was time to leave. I hated when it was time to leave. We focused on just staying busy and planning things to do when we were all back together.”

Alysa -“We had done a lot of long distance before … so choosing to stay apart when we had the choice to be together wasn’t that difficult. We do well long distance.”

“It was easy during boot camp through Japan. But during my pregnancy and the first six months after [baby] was born I was miserable because it was so difficult.” –Joi, NC

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