There were more responses to this question, but the main vibe was that you should definitely COMMUNICATE with your spouse.

So now, I’ll add my 2 cents.

My hubby and I recently faced this decision. I’d even made a ‘special’ trip home to vet elementary schools.

Pros: The kids and I would have been surrounded by family.

Cons: OUR family would have been apart for almost 8 months. The thought alone hurts me. The time, experiences and milestones we would have missed! Not cuddling next to my man errr night! Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Love Languages but I’m FLUENT in Quality Time & Affectionate Touch. So it’s highly unlikely that I’d choose living apart.

But here’s your end of the day tip. Do you! Whatever works in YOUR house is what matters!

To every spouse who let me on her virtual couch to dish about this, THANKS!


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