How to Show Demonstrable Love Male MilSpouse Style

Other male military spouses show their thanks and appreciation in their own way, as shared by members of the Macho Spouse community.

Ray said he takes her uniforms to the cleaners, making sure her dress uniform is squared away and shining her boots. On top of that, he takes care of things around the house and makes sure the kids have what they need all while trying not to involve her so she can focus on her job, which is taking care of her troops.

Michael got his wife a flag that was flown over the Capitol on her anniversary of being in the Army.

Everett and his daughter would drop off Valentine’s Day gifts in her locker at work so when she got to work that evening, they were waiting for her.

James sends his wife boxes of things she can’t get, along with the kids’ schoolwork so she can see how they are doing in school.

David’s wife says that the best gift he gives her is when he takes their kid out on weekend mornings so she can sleep in. Tony takes his wife on a vacation so she can be herself and meet others.

So, as you can tell, we give and show our thanks and appreciation to our spouse in many ways.

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