Comcast NBCUniversal Paves New Career Options for Military Spouses

In 2015, Comcast NBCUniversal announced a unique commitment – to hire not just a set number of military veterans, but to also focus on hiring military spouses, part of a broader company-wide approach to develop talent across the entire military community.

That community also includes National Guard and Reserve members, in addition to spouses and veterans. Understanding that each of those communities have their own unique career challenges, Comcast NBCUniversal developed specific benefits for the individual groups.

For military spouses, that manifests itself through a few distinct benefits:

  • A transition assistance package that offers spouses the option to continue their career with Comcast NBCUniversal as their military member spouse PCSs and deploys, starting with job transfer (if the company has jobs in the spouse’s new home area), partnerships with other military spouse friendly companies (in order to connect spouses directly to a job, in the event Comcast does not have jobs in the area), and, if both of those options are not viable, a generous transition assistance package.
  • A dedicated human resources concierge to help service members, spouses and their families during deployments and other duty-related events that may impact the family unit.
  • The option for military spouses to shift to part-time employment while the military member spouse is deployed.
  • A dedicated VetNet Employee Resource Group that pools more than 5,000 employees with ties to the military community to create a dynamic resource group to provide onboarding help, mentorship, sponsorship programs and events focused on growing the professional and personal development of military spouses, veterans and Guard and Reserve employees.

“[Investing in the military spouse market] means creating a path to build a career with Comcast NBCUniversal since we cover such a wide career field with media, entertainment and technology,” said Carol Eggert, Comcast NBCUniversal Senior Vice President for Military and Veteran Affairs says. “The military spouse market has a key strength that many others don’t – flexibility – as a result of the fast-paced world of the military that requires constantly changing locations and job situations. That’s perfect for us as an organization that is on the cutting edge of a rapidly changing sector. We know the military spouse community has a talent pool that can adapt to any number of new work environments and instantly thrive.

“The philosophy across the Comcast NBCUniversal family is to develop, retain and embrace a workforce that reflects the communities we serve,” she continues. “With opportunities across so many specialized fields – technology, entertainment, news, sports, cable and more – military spouses benefit from workforce initiatives across the company that ensure our programs and the careers of those who lead them are structured to yield long-term success.”

For more information on available jobs and benefits for all military community members, check out the Comcast Careers website at ComcastCareers.com/military.

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