Dive Deeper into the world Lindsay McKenna’s Wind River Valley.

My heart and soul are entwined with Wind River Valley Series because it is about what I know best:  the military men and women who have sacrificed so much for everyone else.  Their families, too, give much more than most families in the U.S.A., as a result.  In my eyes, the family, the spouse, the children, are also being asked much more of by our military so their loved one can serve our country and keep it safe, protect Democracy and our freedom in tact.

            The military comprises less than one-percent of our population of over 300 million people.  Yet, they are the most important part of our country because they are charged with keeping it safe.  The pressures, stresses, combat and life-and-death situations is something many of them endure and survive.   Some with a missing limb—or more. 

            I can’t think of a more honorable people to write about, to bring their lives to life, their battles, their dreams, than in this series.  Above all, they never give up, regardless of the issues staring back at them.  The vets deserve our care because they’ve taken on the wounds for our country. 

            The military has a very strong, devoted mindset to our country and to others who have served.  It is a sister and brotherhood.  And also, a large, slopping family of sorts.  They are faithful to one another, even if they served in another branch of the military.  The glue that binds all branches together is the familiar sameness of military life, it’s demands, and it’s ups and downs.  Vets have heart, grit, patriotism, a powerful belief in their vet buddies who they know, have their back.  Being a vet is a rarefied ‘club’ that only a few of our population ever earns a place within.  And once you’re in?  You are always a part of the beating heart of the service.  No one has more integrity, morals, values and patriotism than they do.  How do I know that?  Because they willingly, without question, give their lives, their limbs, take on combat injury, for you.  THAT makes them special in my eyes and heart. 

            Meet the vets coming home to Wind River Valley.  Powerful emotional stories, find out that love is a dressing that helps the vets heal as much as they can, and finding happiness in the end.

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lindsay McKenna is the pseudonym of award-winning author Eileen Nauman. With more than 185 titles to her credit and approximately 23 million books sold in 33 countries worldwide, Lindsay is one of the most distinguished authors in the women’s fiction genre. She is the recipient of many awards, including six RT Book Reviews awards (including best military romance author) and an RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award. In 1999, foreseeing the emergence of ebooks, she became the first bestselling women’s fiction author to exclusively release a new title digitally. In recognition of her status as one of the originators of the military adventure/romance genre, Lindsay is affectionately known as “The Top Gun of Women’s Military Fiction.” Lindsay comes by her military knowledge and interest honestly—by continuing a family tradition of serving in the U.S. Navy. Her father, who served on a destroyer in the Pacific theater during World War II, instilled a strong sense of patriotism and duty in his daughter. Visit Lindsay at http://www.lindsaymckenna.com.

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