It’s Your DreamVacations™ Come True

Have you ever considered or even really heard about owning a franchise?

Now wait! Don’t go anywhere just yet…

This is what an actual military spouse has to say about this…and it’s completely possible for you.

And this is how.

So, a franchise would be like Panera or Great Clips – where there is a corporation that develops the company/brand/marketing/products, etc. and then allows individuals to purchase or build one of their franchises. The person who buys and builds the franchise pays a fee to the corporation called a franchise fee. And then they pay a certain amount of their income in royalties back to the company each month/year. So you pay Panera a one time franchise fee of $1,000,000 and then a 10% royalty on incomes each year  (basically…)

Well, there is a company I have been looking at that offers a travel franchise.

But it’s virtual.

It’s Your DreamVacations™ Come True

So when you pay the one time franchise fee to join, you are paying for the right to use their name/brand/websites/travel products and industry connections. This price includes your initial training (6 days in Ft. Lauderdale), ongoing technical and web support as well as ongoing training, marketing etc. It includes a pre-made website, etc., social media set up, support and Search Engine Optimization. (However, if you enter here, CruiseOne has a giveaway going for Military Spouse so you don’t have to pay the $8,000 startup cost!)

I believe the ongoing royalty fee is 3% of all commissions. The franchisee makes commissions off of every sale – cruises, all-inclusive, land excursions, travel insurance, planes, rentals, etc…

Because it is a virtual business, you can live anywhere, and market to anyone. You don’t have to be in a set location. It also means that you can have business partners in your franchise that live in different states then you do. There is no set sales minimum and you can start part time in your own hours.

Sounds awesome, right? 

Also, this is the #1 Franchise for Military families. And has a great reputation (just ask Jack & Janette!)

Here is how you can sell:

  1. To Individuals – friends, family, friends of friends, social media contacts, local advertising to bring in individual sales.
  2. To groups – they have a feature on the websites that they provide you with that allow people to set up group travel pages – where they pick the cruise/resort, each member of the group can pick their excursions, their meal and drink preferences – all on the website and you get paid the commission. This is good for wedding parties, family cruises/vacations, church groups, business groups, etc.
  3. There is a wedding registry page – so that the bride and groom can pick their vacation and people can pay for bits of it through the registry – again – commissions go to the franchise.
  4. To corporations. So businesses are always looking for perks to offer their employees but that don’t cost them (the employer) any money. You can set up pages specific to their organization, where their employees can go to the website and book travel at discounted prices, and/or call YOU and you are acting as the vacation travel agent for that corporation – they don’t pay you though, your commissions come from whatever their employees buy.

If any of this sounds interesting to you…learn more here and you could win a free Dream Vacations franchise.

I thought if you did it with family partners it would be fun, and help share the burden of starting up a company! 

They offer a live webinar that I attended this past week for more info and to ask questions.

It’s Your DreamVacations™ Come True: Build Your Dreams into Reality with Cruise One

Learn more here and win big dreams.

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