Find Your Own Place With Duke

“Hello, I’m a military spouse and I will probably be moving across the country any day now, my schedule is not my own, I’m often a single, stay-at-home parent, and I dropped my career in some other state along the journey.”

Sound familiar?

It can be SO challenging to combine a career with the constant change in your military life. But there are options!

Military Spouse has partnered with Duke University, a leader in Continuing Studies Professional Certificates.

This is just what you’ve been looking for. Find your own place.

If you are considering a career change because of the needs at your current base or if you are seeking new skills to stay current in today’s market, Duke has a program for you.

And it is DUKE! It can’t get much better than that.

Duke Continuing Studies Professional Certificates offer a variety of specialty programs designed for professionals or those seeking professional careers.

Their courses are non-credit, self-paced, and online!

Put your MyCAA scholarship to its best use and earn a certificate from Duke University.

Get started today!

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