When I First Started Breastfeeding…

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When I first started breastfeeding, I really didn’t think I could do it. It is portrayed as this natural amazing thing that your baby just KNOWS how to do. But, that’s just not always the case!

For me, it was HARD to get started. But I pushed through it and I’m SO glad I did, because 7 months later, I’ve got a healthy EBF (exclusively breast fed), 18 pound baby and I just LOVE bonding with her during nursing times.

One thing that helped me so much, especially in the beginning, was my breast pump. I had a Spectra pump and it made it so easy to keep my milk supply up by pumping after feeding sessions with my baby.

The best part about it, I didn’t have to pay one penny for this helpful little machine.

At The Breastfeeding Shop, the goal is to help all mommas, especially those in the military, get a breast pump you can count on at no cost to you and start having an awesome breastfeeding experience and not worry about the cost.

They offer electric pumps from brands like Medela, Ameda, Ardo, and many others so you can find one that really works for you. To see all of the products or learn how you can get a breast pump at no cost to you through TRICARE, take a look here on the websitecall here, or email here!

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