Invest In Your Child’s Future With Protection That Lasts A Lifetime



By Erica Grado, For USBA

You’ve been preparing for your child’s future since before their arrival. You read the books, got a family car, and prepared the house. You do everything you can to set your child up for success. Now, consider jumpstarting their future financial security, by purchasing life insurance when they’re young.

April is the Month of the Military Child, but we know you celebrate your children every month. And you think about their future every day. Securing life insurance for your children when they’re young is a wise investment that provides them with financial protection for the future. No matter what occupation they choose or health conditions that occur, plans like USBA’s First Steps Group Whole Life insurance ensures your child has permanent protection that stays with them as they transition into an independent adult.

The sooner you insure your child, the lower their monthly premiums will be, locking them into a rate that will never grow no matter how much they do. The low premium you pay now is the same low premium they pay for their coverage as an adult.

Group Whole Life insurance plans like First Steps also accumulate a cash value over time. If your child needs cash later in life, they can borrow against the plan in loan form, or surrender the insurance to collect the cash value. Similar to a college savings account, permanent life insurance coverage is a small investment now that can help guide your child on the road to financial independence and success as an adult.

Military children are strong, resilient, and adaptable ready to take on whatever life brings. And being a part of this unique group makes them eligible to apply for this special coverage through non-profit USBA, a military life insurance association exclusively serving military and government families.

Interested in learning more? A USBA Product Specialist is ready to answer your questions and walk you through the application process over the phone at 877-221-6841. Or get a quote and download the application online.

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