Dear Readers,

I’m honored you are reading You Never Forget Your First Earl in your book club! As you know, I write humorous books that deal with dark subjects with a light hand. I also avoid touching on anything to do with my world. However, because of the hero, Geoffrey, Earl of Harrington’s, desire to join the diplomatic corps, I was unable to avoid Waterloo. My son is a 100% disabled vet from injuries he acquired in Iraq, and my husband is also a disabled vet from injuries he accumulated during his twenty-two years in Army Special Forces. So, it probably won’t surprise you that I cried my way through the sense cover the first day or two of the battle. Author’s usually cry at some point in a book. But I was writing this scene on a transatlantic flight from Paris to the States. The flight crews were so concerned about the weeping woman, that the purser came over to ask if there was anything they could do to help. Through my sobs, I managed to tell him I was an author and writing a sad scene. That, of course, led to me giving him one of my bookmarks, and discovering that one of the flight attendants read my books! Fortunately, as soon as the fighting was over, Harrington and his wife (Elizabeth Turley) accompanied Sir Charles Stuart and Wellington on their way to Paris with the French king.

I hope you read and love Harrington’s and Elizabeth’s story as much as I do.



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