Why is the Key Spouse Program Important?

Contact your Airmen and Family Readiness Center Key Spouse Coordinator or your squadron’s Key Spouse to learn more about what the Key Spouse Program can offer to you!

How do you or your squadron promote the Key Spouse Program?

A Key Spouse board is a great way to promote the Key Spouse team. Our board is located right across from the 1st Sgt/Shirt’s board. Just think about it, all airmen and many times spouses stop by to read all the announcements/news located at the Shirt’s board, if the Key Spouses board is right next to it, you have the potential to reach out to more families. This board also contains pictures of all active Key Spouses and Key Spouse Mentor. This is an easy way for spouses to recognize Key Spouses. The board contains information on events happening at the squadron and around the base, deployment and reintegration resources, Military OneSource, Airmen and Family Readiness Center, and much more… and coming soon, we are going to post articles, news, and valuable information from the Military Spouse Magazine.

How do you react to unexpected difficulties?

“Resilient people have stress-resistant personalities and learn valuable lessons from rough experiences. Resilience is the process of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences”~ Al Siebert, PhD.

Resilient people are those that overcome challenges, difficulties, and unexpected events and bounce back without acting in dysfunctional or harmful ways. Most resilient people get stronger, better, and wiser after experiencing a traumatic event. They also have a strong and supportive social network and are not afraid to ask for help.

“When hurt or distressed, resilient people expect to find a way to have things turn out well. They feel self-reliant and have a learning/coping reaction rather than the victim/blaming reaction that is so common these days”~ Al Siebert, PhD.

Keep in mind that Resilience is not about being perfect or isolated.

If you are interested to find out how resilient you are, I recommend everyone to take a look at this website and take the resiliency quiz. It is simple, fast and easy!

Take Resiliency Quiz Here!

Do you know where to find assistance?

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) works with military families with special needs to address their unique needs throughout the assignment process and after families have settled into their new installation. Use these resources, tools, and articles to learn more about EFMP and the families it serves. Visit your local EFMP office to find more information on the EFMP program, and for articles and resources you can visit the Military OneSource website.

Extended Care Health Option (ECHO)

The Senate requested TRICARE to evaluate the Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) in its most recent committee report related to last year’s defense bill. If you would like to find more information on this report please visit the DoD Military Family Readiness Council Information Facebook page HERE.


Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)

In June 13, I met with DoDEAs Deputy Director and Special Needs Coordinator during my trip to Washington DC. I received a lot of great information regarding furloughs and the potential of a negative impact to those students receiving special education and therapies. An informative article/report will be available very soon!

More Resources:

The DoD Special Needs Parent Tool Kit


Identification and enrollment for EFMP


EFMP Policy and legislation



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