World traveler. Business driven. Fashionable. Trend Setter. Entrepreneur. Military Spouse. These descriptors are all just a glimpse of what makes Kacie Jerry, owner of Prissy and Proper a successful businesswoman. Drawing from her experiences of traveling the world as a flight attendant and her keen eye for fashion, it’s easy to see how this young entrepreneur has found success with her high fashion women’s Facebook Boutique.

Kacie, an Arkansas native and Army wife, had dreamed of owning her own business, a business that would match her interest, have a low cost start up investment and meet the military life style and mobility.  Kacie began to notice that all of her favorite boutiques were posting photos of “just in items” or running flash sales for just their Facebook fans, and they seemed to be finding success. In March of 2013, Kacie took the leap and opened her own Facebook women’s boutique, Prissy and Proper.

Not Just a Boutique

When you scroll through the Prissy & Proper Facebook page you can tell that it’s not your everyday Facebook boutique, it’s a community: a community of women looking for stylish, unique clothes that can’t be found just anywhere. On the Prissy & Proper Facebook page women are comfortable enough with the boutique owner to ask questions about fabric, fit, sizing, and coordinating pieces.  They post photos in their favorite Prissy and Proper purchases or spark conversations about new fashion trends.  This community is just what Kacie hopes to achieve: she wants her business to have a personal touch, and prides herself on connecting with her fans.  “I am one woman, chasing my dream as a business owner, while looking to provide practical stylish clothing for today’s women.” Kacie wants to inspire others in fashion, and also in business.  Ultimately, she hopes to provide a community where military spouses around the globe form friendships based on mutual interests and not geographic location.

The Business of Prissy & Proper

Prissy & Proper operates with a business model that Kacie designed to keep low overhead and easy mobility. Kacie purchases her items from wholesale companies and runs three LIVE sales a week featuring new products.  During the day she advertises what is “up and coming” that night.  When the products go live on the Facebook page, customers just simply comment SOLD and their size and they automatically receive an invoice.

Kacie has found a sound partner in Soldsie, a Facebook app that allows you to sell products through comments on your Facebook page. Kacie credits Soldies’ great customer service, Facebook groups and conference call for helping her build her business. You can learn more about Soldsie at

Currently, Kacie is the solo employee of Prissy & Proper, working seven days a week.  As boutique sales continue to grow she hopes to add more employees and inspire other military spouses to follow their dreams.

The Success of Prissy & Proper And The Future

In just a year, Prissy and Proper has made more than $150,000 in sales, has an established fan base of over 20,000, and continues to grow daily. Military spouses living abroad generate twenty-five percent of her sales, where it is occasionally difficult to find stylish and affordable clothing.

Kacie looks forward to expanding Prissy & Proper. She hopes to continue building her brand and would like to expand into wholesale distribution. She has noticed that not all trendy boutique clothing comes in a variety of sizes and she hopes to change that in the future– providing women across the globe access to the fashion forward trends they desire.

Kacie’s Tips on Starting a Facebook Business

1.  Learn everything you can about Facebook before you get started. This will not only help you increase your exposure but help you sell more!

2.  Create a Social Media Strategy.  Determine your market and analyze the best way to use targeted advertising.  Seek to create a community not just build a business.  Keep your online presence energetic, exciting and personable!

3.  Keep constant contact with your customers!  Your customers are the heart and soul of your business so keep them engaged, happy and proud to be associated with your brand.

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