He Said/She Said: What Are Your Spouse’s Strengths and Weaknesses?

With Special Guest Author: Jared Moran

The easiest part of any marriage is finding one another’s weaknesses, until you’re asked to write an article about it, in which case those shortcomings become nonexistent and you can’t remember why you’ve ever fought with your spouse. 

Obviously every marriage has its strengths (the wife) and its obstacles (the husband), but it’s how you embrace those traits that truly determine the functionality, sustainability, and overall success of your relationship. 

We’re in no way a perfect people, but we both make every effort to make the other one feel as if they are. That being said, we answered these separately and didn’t see one another’s responses until we were finished. Enjoy! 

Q: What is the biggest challenge that is facing your relationship right now? 

A: Jared-Traci has a difficult time appreciating the potential health and sanitation risks that come with leaving the remnants of meals on dishes in the sink overnight. There are literally billions of microorganisms that fester on the wasted portions of sustenance that aren’t properly disposed of in our household. These miniature, death dealing, alien invaders are poising to strike at any of my unwitting family members–all due to Traci’s lack of comprehension of the depth of this issue.

A: Traci-Jared gets all worked up over, uhhhh, something about the dishes?  I don’t know, but I think he’s going to leave me over it.’ 

Q: What is one thing you wish you could change about your spouse? 

A: Jared-Her sex drive!

A: Traci-His sex drive. Ugh.


Q: In what way has the military changed your partner? 

A: Jared-My wife, as some of you may know, is a very strong, confidant, and stubborn woman. That being said, I honestly don’t think the military life changed her at all. The only thing that is different about her after four years of marriage to a paratrooper is that she is now aware of the immeasurable strength that she possesses. Whether it’s getting through a “blackout” during deployment, raising her first child on her own, for a year, thousands of miles from her family, driving herself to countless surgeries because there’s no other way, or just getting through an awkward ‘jag coffee,’ she has undoubtedly learned by now that she can do anything and overcome any obstacle that is placed before her. Traci is an incredible military wife because she’s an incredible wife period–the ‘military’ part is just a detail.

A: I didn’t know Jared before he joined the military. I can, however, say they he is the most dedicated, hardworking, loyal, loving person I’ve ever known. He’s dependable, honest, and always fights for what’s right. Jared is my idol; I strive to be even half the person he is.

Q: What do you miss most about your spouse when you’re apart? 

A: Jared-Watching her put on tight jeans. I love the way they make her butt look when they’re overflowing. Wait, never mind.  I meant “talks.” I miss our talks.

A: Traci-His companionship; he’s my best friend. Also, I miss his help with our daughter. Round the clock parental duty is tough without an extra set of hands!

All jokes aside, we are one another’s strength. We are a unit, a team.. Our differences are precisely what make us such a fantastic force against any obstacles the world throws in our path. 

We encourage every one of you to embrace the dissimilarities in your relationships and learn to truly love them. After all, remembering why you fell in love is the key to eternal marital bliss.   


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