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The holidays are fast approaching.

It’s a joyous time filled with family, friends and festivities around the clock.

It’s also a time we find ourselves face-to-face with tremendous amounts of delectable treats, scrumptious comfort foods and divine holiday coffee beverages.

It’s easy to let go and enjoy the holiday season, but it comes with a cost you’re most likely going to come to regret by Jan. 1.

It can seem like the only choice you have is to avoid the parties and foods at all costs. The thing is, no one wants to feel deprived during the holidays. That’s why I’ve outlined four tips you can follow that will help you survive all the holiday food so you cannot only enjoy yourself, but avoid holiday weight gain.

1. Portion Size


Most holiday parties are set up buffet style, which can mean endless grazing during the entire party. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your portion size, and it couldn’t be easier.

Take a plate and on one side fill it up with healthier items such as fruits, vegetables, salad and lean meats. Then on the other half fill it with little portions of heavier dishes that are being offered. You’ll get some healthy food in while still getting a chance to enjoy the comfort foods you crave.

2. Tastes Count


Baking and cooking is a huge part of the holidays and we oftentimes find ourselves tasting or sampling the dishes, cookies or cakes we’re making. Those tastes, however, add up rather quickly when you’re cooking all the time.

Remember to be conscious of the tastes you’re taking. Better yet, get someone else to taste it for you! You could very well be taking in way more calories than you think you are.

3. Savor Everything


You might think that avoiding holiday foods altogether is the answer, but you’ll just end up feeling deprived and miserable. This usually ends with you overindulging at some point anyway.
When you’re enjoying your favorite holiday fare, make sure to slow down and savor every single bite. Take the time to appreciate whatever you are eating. You’ll also want to make sure to wait at least 15 minutes before choosing more food to avoid overeating.

4. Choose Wisely


Only choose foods you truly enjoy.

I was part of the “clean your plate” club when I was a kid, and so I have been known on occasion to try something, not love it, but still eat it.

Avoid extra calories by eating only the foods you absolutely love. If you try something new and find you’re less than thrilled with it, don’t eat the rest of it. Instead, eat the other foods that do thrill you. This will help you feel more satisfied with your selection.

You don’t have to let the holiday season derail you.

It’s completely possible to not only take part in the holiday festivities, but enjoy some of your favorite foods in the process. It just takes a little planning and you’ll be enjoying every minute of those holiday parties.

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