Top 5 Camouflage-inspired Movies To Get you in the V-day Mood

Valentines Day-perhaps the most overwhelmingly underwhelming day of the year. A day romantics anticipate with sky-high expectations only to have those chocolate covered dreams dashed by-you know- kids, work, and LIFE. If you’re anything like me and embrace the tackiness of heart adorned everything, and have a genuine love for love you might have a nasty record of ending up disappointed on good ole’ February 14th

Recently, I made a break-through discovery: sweatpants and a reason to eat junk food are better than being wined and dined at a fancy restaurant that requires a sacrificial lamb in the form of a week’s salary. Pull up your pajama pants lovebirds and let’s explore a list of five MODERN camouflage inspired love stories that are sure to satisfy your romantic hearts.

5. The Little Boy


Whether you need some time to calm the kids before the real magic happens or your soul just needs a genuine and inspiring message, this movie will not disappoint.  This story hits close to home as the main character struggles with sending his father to fight the Japanese during WWII. The message is clear that if one believes and practices faith, the impossible can be made possible.

Tissue Factor: 2 out of 5