Article by Andrea Schmidt Rupp

Forward by Erin Whitehead, Digital Editor

This morning my sister in song, Andrea, posted these words. We were all touched by them, and wanted to share them with you. We are in a frenzy of make-up, hair, warm-ups and overwhelming excitement as we get ready to perform live tonight in front of the American public. We are singing for you…and could not be more proud to be doing so.

Warning: The following message is worthy of some tissues.

Tonight: the American Military Spouses Choir will take the stage at Radio City, perform live to a 6,000 seat packed house, and millions at home. Tonight: I sing in UNITY with my choir sisters to represent all military spouses and bring them to the forefront in the minds of the 99%. Tonight: I use my gift, talent, dream and I will sing for YOU.

You-the spouse who gave birth to her second child while her husband was deployed.

You-the spouse who is a foster parent for the first time while her husband is deployed.

You-the spouse who is trying to make the best of it and keep some normalcy in her life but orders keep getting in the way.

You-the spouse who had anticipated a homecoming only to be told his deployment was extended.

You-the spouse who diligently visits her husband’s grave and tells her children his stories as to keep him very much alive in their hearts.

And YOU-those who have reached out to me, included me, welcomed me, picked me up, let me dissolve into tears on your living room floor, and have given me strength.

This. Is. For. You.

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