Space Available Travel, more commonly referred to as ‘Space-A’ is one of the unique benefits available to military members and their families.  Department of Defense owned or controlled planes regularly travel on assignment.  When seats on these flights are available, eligible passengers may be offered seats on the aircraft. If you are willing to exercise a bit of flexibility in schedule, military members and their families can take advantage of Space-A and fly to a number of locations, national or international, at a little to no cost.  Below find a list of commonly asked questions that will point you in the right direction to your destination.

Who is eligible?

Those eligible for Space-A travel include active service members, retirees, some DoD employees and their family members. Active military members are eligible to take Space-A only while on leave.  Eligible family members may travel Space A without their sponsor present under certain circumstances; i.e. their service member is deployed for more than 120 days. Space A is also available to Guard and Reserve members, but with certain restrictions. 

What do I need to travel?

Whether you are traveling with or without your service member you will need a valid Department of Defense identification card.  If you wish to travel internationally, you must have a valid passport. Dependents that are less than 10 years old and that do not possess an ID card, should show proof of age in the form of a birth certificate or passport or official government document.

You sponsor must have a military ID, travel authorizations, (i.e. leave forms, orders), DD Form 1853 or emergency orders.  To access specific forms, visit:

How do I register?

You have a variety of options to register for Space-A travel: In-person at the AMC Passenger Terminal by speaking directly with a passenger service agent, or remotely by fax, postal mail or email. You will not be able to reserve seats on a Space-A flight.  For a list of phone numbers and the proper email or mailing address, visit

What happens once I register?

Once you register and are ready to travel, you must see a passenger service agent at the terminal to be marked present.  Once marked present, you will be available to compete for Space-S travel in the proceeding 24 hours.  At this time, all family members that are traveling must be present, travel documents much be verified, and your baggage must be ready to be checked. 

Where can I find Space-A flights?

Space-A flights depart from military passenger terminals on installations throughout the United States and the world.  For a list of installations that offer Space-A travel, visit

Where do I find a flight to a specific destination?

For security purposes, military flights are often not posted online.  If you are interested on accessing a list of available flights, you are encouraged to call the passenger terminal.  For a list of terminals and their phone numbers that offer Space-A travel, visit the Air Mobility Command website or search on your browser. 

What does it cost?

Most Space-A flights are offered at little cost to the traveler.  Recently, however, there was been a change on the Space-S Head tax when traveling on commercially contracted AMC flights.  “For each passenger flying within the United States, there is a CONUS “Segment to Segment” Head Tax fee of $3.90. For travel to and from Alaska or Hawaii, the rate is $8.60. The international travel charges remain the same with the current fee set at $17.20 and the Federal Inspection Service Fee set at $12.50.'”

How much baggage am I allowed?

You may check two pieces of luggage at 70 pounds each per person. Each passenger is permitted one carry one article, such as a garment bag or backpack, and one personal item, such as a purse or briefcase.  







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