Surprise Response To Betrayed Spouse Confessions

This week we started a new “Confessions” series. It started out with the article titled, “Betrayed Spouse Confessions” and the response from our readers was overwhelming.

During the week we received a message from a military spouse whose husband saw the article and wrote her the following letter. With their permission we have chosen to share it as a follow up. We could not be more impressed with this soldier, the love he has for his wife, and his willingness to share this with all of you.

Military Spouse Staff

To My Wonderful Wife,

The tragedy you read about at ‘Military Spouse’ is unbelievable. It really breaks my heart for what that woman is going through. It also makes me realize that when I tell you things like ‘you do not have to work,’ and ‘I’ll take care of you forever’- they are not always the right things to plan for. I should be encouraging you to be prepared for the worst. I love you like no one has ever loved. I would never cheat on you, let alone find myself behind bars for trying to meet a child. Regardless, I could die. I could die from anything and you’d have to start over without me to “take care of you.”

I dont want you to struggle for anything. Especially the things you need. I want you to feel like you can do it without me if you needed to. I want you to feel comfortable that you can feed our children and pay for their college without me. So, work, work as much as you need to.

My Army career is coming to a close soon. We should do whatever we can to encourage your career goals. You should have a savings account. You should have a seperate savings account as YOUR security blanket. LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN, I AM NOT GOING TO JAIL OR AM DOING ANY WEIRD CRAP. I AM FAITHFUL, COMPLETELY FAITHFUL. Regardless, I want you to not have the worries of other women, I dont want you to be trapped. Dont quit your job. Even when I return, unless you truly want to. Or find a job with better hours and keep your money as your security. At the end of the day there is nothing more important to me than your security and happiness. Always thinking about you….

Your Loving Husband

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