As homeschoolers, we are always looking for ways for our kids to connect with other kids, take a class, or join a local co-op; and it seems that in today’s world, the fastest way to do this is through the internet. Within military families, these resources are usually just a click away thanks to the number of moms that run social media sites, work from home, blog, and homeschool. Most of the blogs and social media sites that I have seen don’t focus on a specific area or region, which, for some may seem to be a downfall, but I see this as a wealth of knowledge from moms in places all over.

Being a military family is about being flexible, making connections, and learning from those around you. We lean on one another for advice, and homeschooling is no different. And considering the amount of moving we do, knowing there are people in other areas you can go to for questions is a huge blessing. When we first decided to pull our daughter out of public school, one of the first things I did was start looking for groups on Facebook.

I found a military homeschoolers page that is full of parents from all over the country that have so much advice, insight, and knowledge. They helped ease our fears about homeschooling as well as discussed curriculum choices with me. They told me that the Youth Centers on the bases were a good place to go for classes and co-ops, which I had no idea. I even see advice from some about behavior issues or kids that are struggling in particular subjects or how to prepare a child for college.

I also found a local group that is not specific to the military, even though there are plenty of military kids in the group. This group meets for play dates, field trips, library time, and a monthly movie night, all of which allow the moms to get together. Through this group, my daughter has joined a Spanish class where she is learning from a teacher who is from Columbia; she is also taking cooking classes, a nature class, and American Sign Language.  She has made friends and I have as well. We have learned that if there is a specific subject she wants to learn that I may not be comfortable teaching her, like Spanish, there is typically someone within the group that can or that knows someone who is able.

Within this group there is a feeling of understanding for my daughter, she does not feel like there are no kids her age or that she is the only girl. She is learning and playing all at the same time. She is developing a love of learning through this healthy interaction. Finding these groups and individuals through social media has enhanced our homeschool, and has allowed my daughter to learn in a fun environment and allowed me to gain important information. Something you usually don’t find elsewhere.



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