5 Unknown Military Discounts

Most businesses offer some type of discount to the men and women that serve the country. While most of these businesses do so year round, others may only offer discounts at certain times of the year, including Veteran’s Day.

Some offers may be limited in time and scope. Some discounts are advertised in various places, while others may be kept relatively quiet. In fact, there are some discounts that are never advertised and which must be asked for specifically. In nearly all cases, you must offer proof that you are actually in the military, whether you are active duty or retired. Some of these discounts are also extended to National Guard members and ancillary service members!

It Never Hurts to Ask

Whether you are at a theater, a restaurant, a museum, or even getting your vehicle serviced, it never hurts to ask if there are any military discounts. Be prepared to show valid military ID to get any discount that might be offered. Not every business offers discounts across the board, but if you ask, they may be willing to give you a better deal just to thank you for your service.

1. Fitness and Leisure Discounts

Many gyms and health clubs have military discounts, with many of them proudly advertising those discounts on their websites and beyond. For instance, 24-Hour Fitness, which has branches all over the country, will not charge the initiation fee to people who hold a valid military ID. Other gyms offer discounts on services, memberships, and more. Gold’s Gym offers a 20% discount on all memberships.

Disney Parks and Cruise Lines also offer military discounts so that military members and their families can enjoy a great vacation. The discounts include price reductions on admission to the parks themselves as well as price reductions on rooms and more.

Finally, local attractions offer a number of discounts for military members, including frequent “free admission” days. Most of these are advertised.

2. Cars and Travel

Whether you are traveling for fun or to get to your next assignment, there are a number of travel-related discounts that can help you to save some money along the way. First there are rental car discounts. Many military personnel rent a car to get from one place to another rather than trying to find a place to store a car while they are deployed. Most car rentals offer either a discount off of the rental price or offer waivers for premium insurance and other costs.

Greyhound, another travel option, also offers a discount of 10% off the price of a fare. Airlines may also offer discounts, but some are not advertised. For example, JetBlue has a 5% discount.

If you are planning on buying a car, there are programs through most of the major automakers to help you do so. If you are active military serving outside of the U.S., you also qualify for a program through Harley Davidson. Don’t forget that most insurance providers have a military discount, which will bring your rates down considerably.

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