Military Spouse magazine is published monthly (12 issues per year) and is dedicated to providing the spouses of our country’s military service members with outstanding resources that are tailored to their unique lifestyle. Stories every month cover the military side of: relationships, parenting, finances, career and education.

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I love reading a magazine that directly deals with the unique issues a military spouse deals with on a daily basis! Wish I would have known about this earlier in my husband’s career!”

-Sherry M. from Virginia

I love the fact that this magazine covers every topic imaginable that relates to the military spouse. It is truly a wonderful publication!

-Melissa C. from New York

As a new military spouse your magazine is a fount of information about everything. I love learning tips from other spouses about PCSing and schools and just life in the military.

-Kacie D. from New Mexico

The diverse articles in Military Spouse introduced me to real military life, held my hand through my first deployment and monthly introduces me to things I have still not learned on my own.

-Elizabeth E. from North Carolina

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