How Your Next PCS Can Improve Your Career

Searching for job opportunities after a PCS is draining and often so challenging that it feels like the changes are impairing for career progression. Don’t let the challenges hold you back from improving your career. Feel the frustrations of my recent post-PCS job search …

Within a couple days upon arriving at our new duty station, I jump in my car and drive around to find the closest grocery stores and to get a feel for industry in the area. I am on the lookout for any major industrial complex, large corporate signage and technical companies. My eyes are peeled for my past industries. The presence of an industry that I have had direct exposure and experience with is a huge relief because I know there is at least a chance of an opportunity that will not entail an exhaustive process of converting my qualifications in a creative and legitimate way.

Most of my moves had a small sector directly aligned with my past industry experience. However, the small part was the problematic piece because the opportunities were very limited and were not available in the small window of opportunity that I had to seek and secure employment. With only a short period of time to spend at each place of employment, I have to engage in paid work quickly to maximize my productive contributions. Just as with every new job, every new industry and every new company requires a steep learning curve at the beginning to adjust to the new language, culture, systems, processes, knowledge and to develop working relationships with the people. Even when I see familiar industry, I do not allow myself to get excited because small industry means limited opportunities for quick entry.


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