9. Idea for car window: “Sorry if I’m speeding officer, haven’t seen my Soldier in months!”

10. Skip the “naked under a trench coat” idea (there are just too many things that can go wrong, and too many smart phones in the world) but a killer pair of incredible heels are always a winner. (Just bring your flats to wear while waiting for four hours when the time changes, again.)

11. Has your service member (or have the kids) gotten the Frozen bug while gone? Sign idea: “Deployment: Let it Go, Let it Go!”

12. And for the politically savvy military family a sign reading, “Welcome Home! Congress May Not Have Had Your Back, But We Always Will!”

13. Here is a cute humor idea for a cake:


14. We made a banner that read, “We’re looking for a few good men!” With a picture of my husband and another Marine on it.

15. “A deep breath and baby steps. Welcome home Daddy!” with footprints up the side when he came home from deployment number two. It was the first time meeting his daughter.

16. Is your neighborhood close knit? Ask several families to display signs or yellow ribbons up and down the street for homecoming day. (Please remember OPSEC and only tell close friends who understand OPSEC rules as well!)

17. Chalked the entire street with “Welcome Home Daddy”



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