15 Downright Must-Follow PCS Prep Tips

It’s that time again! The dreaded PCS… We can try and find the humor in this PCS (yeah, right!) For real, follow these 15 Must Follow PCS Tips and you’ll be smoothly laughing through the whole move. Possibly from insanity…but we hope not. 🙂

1. Save what you can while you can

PCS Tips

Start saving as far ahead of your next move as possible for any unreimbursed expenses.

2. Take a sec to research

PCS Tips

Before you jump into making a decision on your next duty station, research schools, jobs, housing and local things to do at all of your potential duty stations.

3. Find Pros and Cons

PCS Tips

Discuss the pros and cons of your installation options with your spouse and pick your top choice. (Then cross your fingers!))

4. Acceptance…

PCS Tips

Then accept that you may not get the duty station you requested. The sooner you let go of control over the PCS process, the happier you’ll feel.

5. Hurry Up and Wait

PCS Tips

Next accept that it may take a minute, or a month, or several months before you find out where you’re going.

6. Make a “must-see” list

PCS Tips

While you’re hurrying up to wait, make a list of the sights and activities you’d like to see at your current duty station before you move. Then go see them!


PCS Tips

Go through your family’s possessions and donate any clothing or items you don’t want to take with you.

8. Final check-ups

PCS Tips

Take care of any important medical or dental issues before you transfer so you don’t have the stress of finding a new doctor right away.

9. To DITY or Not to DITY

PCS Tips

Once you get your orders, decide if you’re going the DITY Route, a partial move, or if you want to the military to move you.

10. Defense Personal Property System

PCS Tips

Logon to the Defense Personal Property System website and start the process as soon as possible.

11. Hold on to your valuables

PCS Tips

Whether you’re doing a PPM or letting the military move you, make sure to pack your valuables and keepsakes yourself.

12. Be O-r-g-a-n-e-z-i-e-z-d ?

PCS Tips

Start keeping track of any moving related expenses and important documents in a binder that you keep somewhere safe.

13. Get on the List

PCS Tips

Call the housing office at your new installation and get on the list as soon as possible if you’re planning on living on base.

14. Think Positive

PCS Tips

Research fun things to do and see and make a list of all the positives of transferring to your new duty station.

15. Know what you can and cannot change…and roooooll with it!

PCS Tips

Stay positive and get excited to see new things, explore new places and make new friends!

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