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Ok, so perhaps I should clarify… the title really should read, “Why I Hate Military Life… Today.” Most days I am quite fond of this crazy, wonderful life. But not today. Today, I’d really like to lay down in the floor and pitch a temper tantrum that would make three-year olds the world over proud.

Ok, so while I am being completely honest here… I did that yesterday.

Why the hatred, you ask? Long deployment looming? Unexpected deployment extension? PCS move to a barren wasteland? No, my hatred today is a direct result of one of the most unpleasant aspects of military life, in my opinion. This week we will be saying goodbye to some very dear friends as they embark upon the next chapter of their journey with the military. They are PCSing to another state, over 13 hours away.

Aw, geez… could someone please hand me a tissue? Or 12?

When we first moved to Arizona, I had a really tough time. We had never lived that far away from family, and we were leaving behind dozens of great friends in North Carolina. After arriving in the desert (being land-locked is not natural, folks), we found out that we would very unexpectedly be welcoming our second daughter into the world. Our 11 year old was thrilled. It took me about nine months to fully comprehend what was happening. How was I going to start all over again after 11 years? And how was I going to do it without family close by and without the support of all my wonderful friends?

Turns out, even 11 years later, babies are still pretty much the same. Sure, they now have to be in a five-point harness until their sophomore year in college, but instincts kicked in, I figured it out, and all was well. It also turns out I met some pretty amazing women early on, and they were a wonderful support system.

Those friends include The K Family who will be leaving for California in just a few short days. I really tried to turn my sadness into jealousy and hatred for them since they will be able to visit the beach any time they want… but even my desire to be near more water than what I can fill my bathtub with was not enough. I absolutely hate that they are leaving… because they have now become more than just friends, they are FAMILY. We have a great time with them, we love their kids and they love ours, and their teenage daughter is absolutely head over heels for our baby. She is our weekend and evening babysitter.

Ok, so maybe I can muster up some hatred over losing a decent, responsible, loving babysitter. Nope. Dang it, where are those tissues, folks?

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