Where Do We Go Now, Sweet Spouse of Mine?

As military spouses we’re accustomed to being told where we’ll live. From the desert to the mountains, Alaska to Arkansas, we get orders and make the best of it.

But then the day comes when our spouse’s military career ends and we finally get to choose where to live.

When it comes to post-military life, not all cities and states are equal. With that in mind, we’ve scoured the internet for information on the best places for veterans and retirees to call home, and came up with this list.

10. Your Home or Your Spouse’s Home Town
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Yes, it may not provide the best tax breaks or jobs, but the best place to call home is often the place where you grew up.

“We decided to settle back home in Indiana,” said Sarah Austin, whose husband previously served in the Army. “After living all across the country, we learned that the cliche ‘there’s no place like home,’ rang true.”

But if you’re not inclined to move to your home town, or you grew up in a military family and don’t think of any city as your home, you might consider settling in …

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