If you are planning to transition out of the military but your spouse will remain on active duty, you are not alone. Many military couples have made the same transition and have managed the difficulties that can come with it. Obtaining and finding success in a civilian career with an active duty spouse is no easy task. However, it is possible if you are up to the challenge!

The best jobs in this situation are those that are obviously the most portable or compliment the military. By portable I mean jobs that have a demand almost anywhere. These include nursing, information technology, teaching and writing, to name a few. Of course, the most portable job is one you could do from home. There are opportunities that allow this strategy, from teaching online college courses or designing websites to writing articles or being a freelance photographer.

If you are looking at jobs that compliment the military (which makes sense when trying to manage a civilian career with an active duty spouse), keep your spouse’s military duties in mind (MOS/rating). By this I mean, positions that are often hired in and around military bases. These include federal jobs (READ: Fast Track to Civilian Jobs) that support the military and military contractors. These positions require a wide range of responsibilities and your military experience can go a long way in terms of marketability.

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