2 Americans Stop Gunman on Train in France

A gunman was taken down by two Americans on a high speed Amsterdam to Paris train. According to French media and the BBC, the passengers who overpowered the suspect were US service members “who had heard the man loading a weapon in a toilet cubicle and confronted him when he came out.” CNN reports, “The gunman fired on them with a handgun, the official said. He wounded at least one of them, but was overpowered. The suspect had several weapons and lots of ammunition, the official said, saying the service members prevented a massacre.”

European counterterrorism officials announced to media that the attacker was known for radical jihadist views.

Update: One of the service members said to tackle the gunman is currently in critical condition.

Update: The three men are being reported to be a member of the Air Force, an inactive National Guard member and a civilian.

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Photo Credit: Roel Hemkes

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