2016 Presidential Election: Who’s Working for the Military Community?



Clinton believes the VA healthcare system needs to be overhauled. She wants to reform the system so that veteran’s receive timely and high-quality service. She wants to block the privatizing of the VA system to ensure that veterans are not lost in shuffle, especially when it comes to mental health and other invisible wounds that both service members and their families face today. She wants to ensure that all veterans receive the care they need and deserve, regardless of where they live. Clinton wishes to see more female healthcare needs taken care of by the VA as well. Her main focus for the VA is to create “a culture of accountability, service, and excellence” by revamping the budget concerns and the leadership issues.

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Johnson’s stance on VA Healthcare and Benefits is limited. His only comment on the issue comes from a town hall meeting where he states that he would reduce the military budget by 43%, with the exception of VA healthcare and benefits.

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Trump’s stance on VA healthcare and subsequent benefits is that its current state is unacceptable. His plan includes ensuring that veteran’s get the healthcare they need when and where they need it. He wants to allow any veteran to be able to walk into any clinic that accepts Medicaid and be able to get treated immediately. He also wants to increase programs for things like PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and other invisible wounds of war. Trump believes the lack of leadership at the VA is to blame for many of these issues, and he resolves to rectify them while in office. He believes that hiring more veterans to take care of veterans can help the VA healthcare system as whole, since veterans have a unique understanding of what their fellow service members may be experiencing. He also wants to increase the number of women healthcare facilities in the VA.

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