2017 Orange Honors | Christina Miller

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Christina Miller

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree has been a goal for me since I was old enough to understand how one could benefit me and allow me to help others. My name is Christina Miller; I am twenty-four years old and am married to an active reservist soldier in the United States Army. My husband has been serving this country for almost eleven years now, has served overseas on three tours, and is passionate about continuing to serve this country. Earning a degree would greatly impact our lives, as I would be able to contribute in a greater financial manner. It would also give me the power to impact other’s lives in a positive way, which I am extremely passionate about.

I am currently enrolled in Liberty University Online to obtain my bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies. School has always been an important aspect of my life, yet something difficult to obtain as my family has suffered great financial losses. Since 2010, I have taken two leaves from my schooling in order to help my family financially and to remove the burden of my college tuition. I married my husband in March of 2016 and we were able to carve out the funds to send me back to school. I am unbelievably grateful for my husband’s service to this country and his willingness to give to others and help me accomplish my goals.

We are currently going through a re-location from Pennsylvania to Tennessee to be closer to my husband’s new unit. This incredible opportunity has also brought about great financial difficulties as we find ourselves needing to sell our current home and purchase a new one in a tight time frame. Having a scholarship like the one presented to the winner of this contest would mean the world to me. It would take away the worry of paying my tuition in this time of financial change for us. It would also allow me to stay on track with my degree planning in order to graduate without a new delay.

Most importantly, it would help me obtain the knowledge necessary to enter the workforce as a paralegal and pave the way for me to apply for law school to accomplish a much larger dream of mine. I have always had a passion for assisting our military any way I can. The struggles our veterans face after their service is over are tremendous, and often make it seem impossible to be a functioning part of the civilian world. My husband experienced this first-hand through his struggle to obtain a civilian career after returning from his third consecutive tour overseas. Not only did he face the issue of lacking work history experience in the civilian workforce, but also the disappointing reality of not being recognized as a veteran by some companies. This not only infuriated him, but also broke my heart seeing his struggles and not being able to do much other than comforting and supporting him.

I hope to attend law school after completing my bachelor’s degree with the desire to defend the rights of veterans. I want to be a part of the effort to give back to those who have sacrificed so much for the freedom of this country. I strongly believe that no veteran should be homeless, jobless, or feel alone in this world after the completion of their service. I would like to utilize my legal skills to help them in their journey and defend them when their rights are violated. I would also like to help their families acclimate to this life-changing event in any way I can.

This scholarship would not just be for me, but for all those I can affect with my degree. I am grateful for the opportunity to enter this contest, and thank Home Depot for being so generous and recognizing the importance of education and military families. Winning this contest would absolutely mean the world to me, as it would symbolize the columns of support that lie behind military members and their families. It would also help my family remain financially stable and keep my dream of law school alive. I would be so blessed to attain my dream and really feel as if I am impacting others in a huge way. Thank you again for this opportunity, and thank you for continuously supporting our military members and their families who fight alongside them. Hooah!


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