2017 Orange Honors | Taylor Watkins

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Taylor Watkins

As I have decided to continue my education with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, an educational scholarship would be very beneficial to achieving that goal. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s in emergency services with a specialization in fire services. My husband and I are stationed overseas at the moment, and obtaining my degree will put me one-step ahead once I return to the United States. With this degree, I hope to become a successful influence on other people for the better, make a difference in my community (city or state), and leave a lasting impression for the generation to come. As I have gotten older and had more experiences, I believe that I am on this Earth to help people and I plan to achieve that goal with the help of this degree.

My goal is to change this world, to make a difference, and to impact this lovely place that humanity lives in. I want to influence the younger generation, to show them that they can inspire others for the better. I solely believe in the concept of ‘leading by example’ and with that strive to live my life as such. With my recent accomplishment of being the first female North Carolina National Guardsman as a Gunner in Field Artillery (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems), I feel that I not only have a place for putting others before myself but also showing those around me that they can be whoever/whatever they want to be. Changing the world is a very large task, however I intend to become a leader to others so that we can change the world, one person at a time. I want the world to be a place where children can aspire to be anything they want to be and their dreams can easily be achieved. I plan to volunteer more within my community to show people that no matter what, they can aspire to greatness. One of my goals is to develop a curriculum for middle and high school students, using the knowledge I gain with this degree.

The curriculum I plan to form would set out to educate the younger generation on how to properly act in an emergency. Focusing primarily on the fire side of things, I would try to ensure that every student is aware on how to properly extinguish all different types of fires. Some examples of different types of fires include the following: grease, electrical and liquids. With every different type of fire, there are different ways to extinguish them. For example, a grease fire should not be put out with water or be moved from the spot it is currently in (a pan on a stove, for example), however it should and can be put out by using common things found in a kitchen: a metal lid and/or baking soda. The first step should always be to turn off the heat and after which the metal lid will eliminate the oxygen to the fire and slowly put it out, if the fire persists, baking soda will also extinguish a small grease fire. As the students gain the knowledge of an emergency situation, I believe, that it would help them in their future goals and careers.

Another way I plan to use this scholarship is to use my degree to become a firefighter. This scholarship would help me finish my degree in fire service within the next two years; I will be able to accomplish that with the help of this scholarship. As I firefighter, I plan on changing people’s perception of a firefighter. Personally, I have always wanted to pursue this career, but was always told I could not because I am a girl. Now, that I am older, I realize that other opinions of my career do not matter, and I should pursue something I am passionate about, helping people. Being a female has always brought criticism and questions about why I would want to do “a man’s job”. However, after my National Guard experience, I realize that if I am happy doing something that helps other, why not do it?

In conclusion, this scholarship could change my life and in turn hopefully change the life of many others in the community. This scholarship could financially allow me to finish my degree within the next two years and in turn put me one-step ahead to become a firefighter when I return to the United States. As a firefighter, I would be able to change people’s perception of females in “a man’s job”. Also, I would be able to educate the younger generation on emergency situations and how to handle them.  


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