5 Tips For Life From a Seasoned Military Spouse

After a decade or two, you become a seasoned military spouse, and you pick up a few bits of wisdom. Whether it’s something you experienced first-hand or painfully witnessed from the back row, heeding just a few tips from seasoned spouses can save you from awkward or painful moments later. 

1. Steer clear from those who gossip.

advice for military spouses

Along the military life way you’ll meet spouses (and service members) who tend to gossip about other people, families, careers, parenting or appearance. These people should come with warning labels and flashing lights. You’ll find those who gossip about other spouses, commanders or other service members are just wolves in sheep’s clothing.

These wolves do not have your best interest in mind and probably can’t keep your most coveted secrets to themselves.

Surround yourself with those who will build you up, spouses and friends who are your moral equal and those who are not quick to judge others. Many military careers and marriages have been hurt by gossip and we promise NO ONE has ever been helped by gossip. Remember this, gossip is actually another form self-loathing. If you gossip, it actually says more about you than those you’re talking about.