Spring is in the Air…and Your Nose! Stop Allergies in Their Tracks

Merck Engage Spring Allergies

It’s spring cleaning time! It’s time to spruce up your home and also a good time to clean allergens out. Get started here.

1. Do you need help living with seasonal allergies?

  • Visit MerckEngage to get insights and tools that help you manage allergies. You can check your allergy forecast. Plan ahead if you’re heading outside… See the 4-day pollen allergy forecast for your area. Just enter your zip code and click!

2. Get practical advice that can help you get better control of allergies.

  • Did you know there are 4 Ways outdoor seasonal allergens can hitchhike into your home? Visit MerckEngage to get the answers to some common—and not so common—questions about living with allergies.

3. If you’re staying inside, you can still stay active!

4. You can also find information about products that treat allergies.

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