10 Favorite Sites to Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

British designer, Sir Terence Conran once remarked about clutter, ‘A room full of unnecessary clutter is not pleasant to sit in, so clear it of everything.  Your quality of life will be much improved.’ 

I’ve often thought Sir Conran was on to something, and apparently so too did a group of researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute.  According to the results of their study published in 2011, ‘multiple stimuli present in the visual field at the same time compete for neural representation by mutually suppressing their evoked activity throughout visual cortex, providing a neural correlate for the limited processing capacity of the visual system.’

Or, in other words, clutter about your home or workspace restricts your ability to focus.

Look around your house right now; are you surrounded by clutter?  I don’t just mean of the paperwork variety stashed in places. Are you storing old videogames, electronics that you no longer use because you’ve upgraded, toys that are no longer played with, appliances taking up space in the garage, even small knick-knacks and jewelry?  Do you have boxes in your basement or attic that you haven’t unpacked, but keep moving PCS after PCS after PCS?  Is that constant clutter also taking away your focus by adding to your stress level as you find yourself continually cleaning? 

This week, we’ve been discussing financial solutions and various ways to cut back spending and save money.  On top of creating a budget that will save you money, wouldn’t it be wonderful to actually bring some money into the house?  And potentially decrease your stress levels and up your productivity and focus?  And lighten the load at your next PCS? You can do this by selling anything you aren’t using in your home-from old videogames and furniture to clothing and jewelry- in just a few easy, user-friendly steps!

I’ve broken down some of my favorite options for selling your stuff: the most trustworthy and most used marketplaces, and what to sell on each.



 Local Installation Trade/Sale Sites

This is my favorite way to buy and sell goods.  First, because you can usually make it a social deal and meet fellow spouses.  Second, because it feels slightly safer if you’re able to meet someone on base.  Third, there’s really no limit to what you can sell and, bonus, you don’t have to bother with shipping. Listing items on these websites is typically free and you often don’t have to create a separate username for the site. Most installations offer regional websites or Facebook pages that exist for local military families to trade and sell goods. 

Beware: although these websites cater to local military families, you still need to be very careful.  Never publicize your address on any website; if you’re asking people to come to your house to pick up a sofa, arrange time and location via a private message.  It’s also best to have your spouse, neighbor or friend available if you are inviting someone to your home or driving to meet a stranger.  Also, if possible, try to just take a photograph of what you are a selling and post that online, even if it is a large item.  You don’t want to reveal too many details about what other items you may have in your house or your house layout. 

Best For Selling:

Furniture, Couches, Beds, Hutches, Large Electronics, Video Game Systems, Video Games, Kitchen Wares, Clothing, Toys


Craigslist operates much in the same way as any military installation barter/trade/sell websites might, in that all sales are completely local and won’t require shipping. Posting an item for sale is also free on Craigslist, and you can arrange all sales through either the email address that Craigslist ascribes to you, or your personal email.  Just as above, exercise the utmost caution when arranging a sale.  If possible, meet someone in a public location or if you are selling a large item, like a couch, make sure you are not alone at home.  I do not recommend selling small, expensive items on Craigslist, like jewelry or watches, as these items can become target for thieves. 

Best For Selling:

Furniture, Couches, Beds, Hutches, Large Electronics, Video Game Systems, Video Games, Kitchen Ware, Clothing, Toys

If you would like to make money selling old jewelry or designer goods that you no longer use, sell it instead on…


Ebay is a great resource if you would like to sell small, higher end items or items that might be geared toward a particular niche crowd and could bring in more money if listed on a larger virtual marketplace. For example, when my husband and I moved into our new house, we replaced all the lavatory faucets because they weren’t exactly my taste.  They were, however, likely someone else’s taste and as it turned out, used faucets of the same brand and name were selling on eBay for $200 each!  Had I tried to sell them locally, I would have likely made ¼ the profit of what I was able to make by bringing the item to a larger audience.  If you wish to sell on EBay, use the ‘compared listings’ to get an idea for good price. You will have to create an account to use EBay and it is also recommended that you create a PayPal account to the handle money transactions.  I do not recommend accepting checks.

Best For Selling:

Purses, jewelry, watches, rare or niche items, designer clothing, vintage anything, paintings and anything that wouldn’t be terribly expensive to ship.


Like EBay, Amazon is also a wonderful marketplace in which to sell your goods.  It is an extremely trustworthy website.  Also, like EBAY, you will have to create an account and should also set up a Paypal account to handle transactions.  There are no fees to list your item.

Best For Selling:

Books, DVDS, Video Games, Gaming Systems


Zumo is an new, ‘green’ marketplace in which to sell your used DVDs, CDs, Blu-Ray and Video Games.  Simply log on to the website, http://www.selldvdsonline.com/, and enter the barcode found on the back or front of your item to get an instant value quote.  Zumu offers free shipping and once they recieve your items will send you a check for the amount. Zumu works to ‘rehome’ all your old media by reselling it on their site, or, if they can not find a home, to recycle it into something useful, like baby bottles.

Best For Selling:

DVDS, CDS, Blu-RAy Video Games

Exchange My Phone.com

This title is sums up the site.  Exchangemyphone.com allows you to sell you old phone and browse other models for sale.  Simply logon to the website and tell the staff the make and condition of your device.  You will then receive an instant quote for the value of the phone, which you can either accept or reject.  Request a postage paid envelope or instantly print a pre-paid shipping label.  When the staff receives your phone, they will inspect it and confirm that it is consistent with the quote and you will be paid via PayPal.

Best For Selling:

Your old mobile devices.




Cash for Gamers buys back old videogames and game consoles that you are no longer using.  Simply log on to the website and search their database for your game titles.  Create a list and notify the staffers.  If you sell more than $30 worth of games, you will receive free shipping.  Send in your videogames, and staff will inspect and confirm the quote is correct.  They will then pay you via Paypal within 24 hours of receiving your items and confirming the quote.  If you elect to have a check mailed to you, it will take 3 to 7 business days.

Best For Selling:

Videogames, Gaming Systems


Bag, Borrow or Steal offers opportunities to instantly sell or consign your lightly used designer handbags and jewelry. Log on to their website and fill out a ‘submission form.’ Staffers will then contact you with a quote and compensation plan.  Then, ship your handbags for free.

Best For Selling:

Designer Handbags, Sunglasses, Jewelry


Threadflip.com is a site designed to help you sell your clothes and buy designer clothes.  Simply sign up and create your own account.  It is free to sell and post your items, and the staff at Threadflip will promote your goods

Best For Selling:

Clothing, Purses, Purses, Bags, Jewelry, Shoes


Looking to sell your car, but can’t find a local dealer that will do a trade in?  Check out CarDaddy.com.  This website allows you to list you vehical for sale, along with any photos you’d like to upload.

Best For Selling:



We want to hear from you. Are there any sites that you would add to the list?



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