9 Lively GIFs of Solo Activities for the Military Spouse

When people ask me how married life is going, I often laugh.

We are a dual-military couple, cross-branched, and stationed 502 miles apart.

I have NO idea how married life is going.

While I usually can make a joke out of the situation, oftentimes the curious folks ask me how I occupy all that time alone.

And that is not something unique to a dual-military couple.

Nearly all military couples will be separated at some point for a significant amount of time thanks to government-sponsored cruises, desert adventures and schools that teach more in the mud than the classroom.

So what do you do when you have too much time to think about being alone? Here are a few solo activities for those of you who are like me and can’t stand not to be busy… because when you slow down, you realize how many more days there are until the next visit.

1. Go fishing


While you won’t ever catch me putting a worm on a hook, I hear fishing is a great relaxing pastime. After all if you’re out there chatting away with other people you’ll just scare the fish!

So grab a rod and reel and see if you can find a bit of peace out there on the water.

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