How to Entertain in a Budget-friendly, Stress-free Way

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Hail and Farewell. Promotion Ceremony. Change of Command. Spouse’s Welcome.

When I see those words, I don’t necessarily think of the actual formalities anymore. My mind goes to what I need to do to prepare for the upcoming gathering! This military life has given me plenty of experience to play host for a variety of events.

Although the pre-planning work involved hasn’t diminished, practice has made close enough to perfect. At this point, I have established a routine and a few rituals that make the preparation process move much more quickly.

No matter the occasion, a host’s primary job is to make her guests feel welcome. This might mean greeting them at the door with a margarita in hand or sitting with the guest of honor, chatting and introducing her to the rest of the crowd.

Casual or formal, successful parties are all about gauging your invite list and adding touches of your own personality throughout the affair.

Following are some budget-friendly ideas that I hope will give you the least stress possible when hosting your next event!