Use Fear to Push You Forward

Lakesha Cole, 2014 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year

Sometimes you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That’s a lesson I learned recently when I was faced with a difficult business decision that could either propel my business to the next level or continue to operate as is with limited opportunities for growth.

I shared my random thoughts about this moment with my Facebook friends not knowing it would spark conversation and support from so many. It appeared that many of my close friends were faced with the reality of tough choices as well, and life was pulling them in different directions. My friend Pamela, Owner of Stitch It To Me Embroidery made a huge financial decision to invest in sewing equipment to keep up with the demands of her growing business. While Karen struggled with the decision to quit her job and home-school her two daughters.

As an entrepreneur, much of your work and the daily decisions you make involves an enormous amount of uncertainty. You are responsible for the success and failures, knowing that any ounce of success may not be permanent. A lot will go wrong, and a lot will go right. You will reach a point in your business where your problems and opportunities will demand different solutions. What may have worked a year ago may not be the most-effective solution today.

I was 30 minutes into the conference call. I had an eager sales representative named Myles in one ear trying to sell me the moon. My husband was in my other ear backing his claims. There I frantically sat in the middle trying to decide what was best for business. I was excited and nervous at the same time and responded to every question with hesitation. This was new for me. I’m usually very quick with a yes and even quicker with a no. But this one made me sweat a little. Do I say yes and move forward knowing at best 70% of my decision is going to be right. Or do I say no and sit on idle until I feel 100% comfortable with my decision.

Fear is an emotion we all experience. In this situation, I feared making the wrong decision. I feared failure. But what I realized is that my fear of failure also inspired thoughts of success. I kept telling myself, “I got this”. And I did.


These are the moment’s entrepreneurs live for. The defining moments that test your ability to continue moving forward even when the outcome is unknown. I said yes to possibilities. I said yes to growth. I said yes to the unknown. I said yes to getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

If you’re going to do it, do it scared, as Life Coach Nashawn Turner would say. The next time you’re faced with a tough decision remember things don’t stop moving just because you decide to stand still. Follow your gut. Trust your abilities and those that are close to you.

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